All Microsoft Apps in One

Tulipa is an app that integrates all your favorite Google services tightly with your Mac & PC, lets you access these services quickly and work more productively.

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Compatible with macOS | Windows | Linux


Quick Access

Tulipa lets you run and organize Microsoft services, including Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office, Microsoft To-Do and many more in a single place and switch between them easily using keyboard shortcuts. Your workflow is cleaner than ever, finding what you need is easy.


Security & Privacy

Tulipa lets you lock & protect your private information from sneaky eyes with password or Touch ID.



Tulipa gives you the ability to customize everything, including icons and colors, notification scheduling, ads & tracker blocking, dark them and much much more. You can also attach the app to menu bar to access the app even more quickly.

* Tulipa works with most Microsoft services, including: Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn, GitHub, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneNote, Skype, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft To Do, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Planner, Microsoft Translator, Microsoft Power BI, Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Azure, GroupMe, MSN, Azure DevOps, Microsoft Power Automate, Microsoft Sway, Microsoft Advertising, Microsoft Family Safety, Yammer.